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Country Evolution (Deluxe Edition) (Physical CD)


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Our third release on Columbia Records, Country Evolution (Deluxe Edition).
Original Release Date: September 18, 2015

Track Listing:
1. Summer In The Country
2. Good Ol’ Country Harmony
3. 9 to 5
4. Elvira (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys)
5. Don't It Feel Good
6. Alabama Sampler (Album Only) *
7. Seven Bridges Road (Album Only) *
8. Friends in Low Places
9. Honey, I'm Good. 
10. Fishin' in the Dark/Down in the Boondocks
11. Devil Went Down to Georgia (feat. Charlie Daniels & Taylor Davis)
12. House Party
13. California Country
14. Serenity *

* Deluxe Edition Only

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Home Free - Country Evolution (Deluxe Edition) (Cover).jpg